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This easy wall painting idea will perfectly match your contemporary home interior design and requires no special artistic skills to finish. Simply pick your favorite color scheme and start painting various-sized rectangles in different shades. It looks great, is modern, and is sure to stand out.

Ombre sunset

The colors of sunset are captivating, and you can create a magical ombre wall design with careful color blending. Begin with a light blue at the top, then add a pinkish color, followed by a warm honey orange. Finally, use a salmon color at the bottom.

Watercolor effect

This wall painting design is exciting, imaginative, and unforgettable! Select some of your favorite colors to create this eye-catching look. By mixing acrylic paint with water, you can achieve this interesting watercolor effect. To prevent the design from being too overwhelming, keep the rest of the room simple.

Gingham pattern

Gingham or buffalo check plaid is very popular and has been used as a wall painting idea for a while. This gingham-inspired wall feature creates an idyllic charm and rustic vibe in the room. The key to success when creating a gingham wall feature is to study and understand the shades and hues, plan the painting, and keep the lines straight.

Honeycomb design

Decorate a blank white wall with different colors of honeycomb. The hexagons, which are randomly positioned, provide the room with a fun and unusual atmosphere. Use colors that match the interior of the room and use brighter shades for the children’s bedroom and more subdued for the living room or dining area.

Lines drawn at random

With a little imagination and free time, you can easily transform your empty and boring walls. This captivating two-tone wall painting is fun, modern, and unique. Its random lines and color blocking effectively add drama and personality to the space..

Melded Gray wall painting design

When you want a wall that is both plain and gray, but also unique and exciting, this textured gray wall is both captivating and outstanding. Combine two shades of gray to create a cloud-like effect. The bottom of the wall should be a darker color than the top. Use both colors in the middle section with quick, bold strokes to achieve the blended look.

Triangles in pastel colors

Bright, cheerful, and fun! This is one of the most festive wall painting designs and ideas. The pastel triangles on the wall will conjure up images of confetti, parties, and excitement. It’s ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, and even the kitchen.


Exterior Painting Colour TrendsExterior Painting Colour Trends

If you want to sell your property or want to to give your property a new ‘retouch’ paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to maximise the value of your property. However, deciding on the colours to use can be a confusing process.

A couple of things to keep in mind before you start choosing.

Use Minimum Colour Scheme

Pink and white brush

There is a recent trend for very minimalist-or classic- colour schemes which are not only modern and ‘cool’, but are also colours that protect the integrity and structure of your home.

When we talk about “cool” colours, this is not about popularity, but more about a modern colour scheme that helps you to protect your home.

No Darker Exterior Painting Colour

Lighter Exterior Painting Colour

Dark exterior  painting colours can actually increase the internal heat of your home by at least 6%. They can draw so much heat to the outside that weatherboard timber can buckle and render can crack within no time at all. In saying this, a good quality exterior paint can reflect the sun’s rays to avoid this.

Consider Surrounding Environment


When we consider modern schemes from architects and designers, the home needs to suit the environment. A good way of checking this is by looking at your house from the other side of the street. The following five colours can be used in combination or individually to refresh the look of your home and ultimately enhance its curb appeal.


Splash off the colour in wallSplash off the colour in wall

Colour with splash

Splash off the colour in wall:

The paint brushes swirling left and right, up and down, around and around.A wide upside frown became the painter’s trademark as he concentrated with gusto on his job,refurbishing old houses without hesitation was a happy occasion the dull canvas cleared quickly as the plush colours appeared painting.


The image of a well-loved and cared for housing project completing the task in a short period of time, and the end result being more than satisfactory some might say the brights and bolds are eye sores from miles away, they could now easily be spotted, but boredom never arose but he who ever said life or in addition, the outer walls, oh an old but new home it should be anything, but dull, so, the artist did their thing and continued to complete the piece with a touch of spring, they painted the house.


Colour Therapy and Home PaintingColour Therapy and Home Painting

A row of paint cans opened to provide the perfect colour palette for your home

Did you know that the colour shades that you select for your walls have therapeutic value? Yes, you can paint your walls not just to decorate your home but also to help you heal and provide a calm ambience. If you want to improve the health of your family members or maybe grab that amazing career opportunity that you have always wanted, then these home colour therapy tips below are the perfect fit for you. #Paintsutra ( is here to not only fill your walls with the trending colours of the year but also provide their special healing touch to your home and your life.

From the colours perfect for the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and even the bathroom, this article has just the information you will need to be trendy and rejuvenated at the same time.

How does colour therapy work?

Colour therapy determines the energies of different colours to provide the best colour strategies for your home

Before we move on to the different spaces of your home and how to instil positive energy in them using wall colours, you need to know a bit about how colour therapy functions. Colour therapy provides extra attention to not just the shade of colour that you will use on your walls but also the sort of energies associated with them. For instance, the colour of the sky represents freedom while red signifies passion. Taking all the energies and the auras surrounding the space being coloured also into account, a colour therapy expert will determine which colour will be optimum for a particular home space.

Bed Room

The complete master bedroom look to give you all the colour therapy feels

Living Room

The bedroom is mainly a place for relaxation, healing and sleep. It is also a space for passion and sexual discovery. This idea is crucial to the decision taken by several couples when they paint their master bedroom a shade of red. Do not make this mistake! According to colour therapy experts from around the globe, you should not use overtly bright colours, especially red, in your bedroom. Colours such as red and orange prevent you from having a comfortable sleep, cause arguments and also physically harm those who already have an abundance of the fire element in their auras. It is therefore advised that you go for earthy shades such as beige, pink, clay, peach, brown, sky blue and so on that would calm you down and lull you to sleep.

A vibrant living room space for both fun and calm

The living space has to be the most attractive part of your home. You receive your guests here. So, it definitely demands a lot of attention. The living space should be able to provide your guests with a vibe of your home as well as reflect what kind of a person you are. So, go for something hybrid — shades of yellow, blue, or green because you might need some vibrant colours to make the space pop a little, mixed with a white backdrop, perfect for intimate discussions and some me-time. On one of the walls, go for wallpaper, wall murals, wall graffiti or maybe even wall doodles that portray what kind of a personality you possess as an individual. This will add a new dimension and incredible charm to your home decor.


A kitschy kitchen to add the fire, the warmth and the love to your home

As colour therapy experts, we usually tend to advise people to paint their kitchen walls with myriad shades of yellow, red and orange. This provides protection from the soot and oil as well as maintains a fiery element which is the major energy that must be a part of every kitchen. But, too many vibrant colours might not only be irritating for the eyes, but also cause fire hazards if overdone. If you have an open kitchen, it might even look too garish. So, mediate the shades with a mix of a pop of red or orange with some silver, peach, lemon yellow or other whitish tones. Remember that the key in maintaining vibrant energy lies in balance!

Bath Room

Soaking in the tub or taking a shower can wash away not only the grime from our bodies but also provide the rejuvenating energy we need. As a result, experts on colour theory suggest painting bathroom walls with soft shades like white or light blue or sea-green. All these colour suggestions feel soothing to the eyes and will make sure you exit your bathroom a brand new person. You might also consider having some minimalistic floral wallpaper or light-coloured tiles to add some extra oomph to your decor.

Last but not the least, remember a few key colour therapy tips that might come in handy if you plan on looking at a colour catalogue now to make up your mind when it comes to painting the walls of your own home. The rest you can leave to the wall painting experts at #Paintsutra (


Light Colour
  • If you have a small space and want to make it look bigger, go for lighter colour shades. Dark colours constrict spaces.
  • Avoid too much red as it excites temper and creates scuffles in the household.
  • Orange might be a great colour to handle psychological turmoils.
  • If you are healing and seeking therapy regularly, shades of green are the best for you.
  • Go for more and more pastel colours in your living space as advised even by Vaastu.

Stay tuned to this space for more wall painting and lifestyle tips!


Practical guide for colour selection for a smaller flatPractical guide for colour selection for a smaller flat

Colour Wheel

Most of us these days have very cramped apartments, thanks to skyrocketing real estate prices. So, we do not have a lot of space to keep everything we love or decorate however much we might want to. Yet, who does not want to make their homes feel like it is something special and unique to themselves? Homes contain your stories, and their walls hold all the precious memories within them gently and with love. So, no matter how small a space you might have, you can still decorate it as per your requirements, both financial and otherwise. Here are a few tips from that will guide you through the process of house painting, home decoration, home interior and just home makeover in general, keeping in mind all your practical needs.

When it comes to smaller spaces, interior design or interior decoration becomes very important because you need to fit in all your belongings at first. Depending on this, the selection of wall colours comes.

Home furnishing

Home furnishing

The first factor that is significant while selecting your wall colours or for home furnishing is to calculate how much space you need in order to store your things. The next factor is whether you like more open space or are more comfortable with a small cosy area offset with a lot of furniture, personal belongings and warm wall colours. So, depending on your home interior and home decor taste, there can be two options. You might want a breezy, open space with a lot of light or space for fitting in all your belongings snugly.

In cities where the houses are all packed together, you hardly get enough air or sunlight. So, keeping as much open space as possible is the best idea. To do this, the option forward is to choose very light wall colour shades for your home makeover. Go for white, lemon yellow, grey, beige, peach and colours of the same shade to make your space look bigger. These shades would also absorb minimum light and make the space brighter. Use white linen curtains and upholstery as well for an airy, calm and soothing look.

The other idea is to meticulously consider your interior design. For a cosy and comfortable space, choose vibrant colours like red or golden yellow. However, keep in mind this will absorb a lot of light. So, the space is going to be dark and will also look small. Add in long lamps and a lot of plants to make the space look lively. The home decoration must include a lot of furniture, preferably wooden. If you have fibre furnishings, prefer not to use rich tones like red and yellow. Use something more moderate like pink or blue.

Finally, the best idea is to create a contrast in your house painting, especially in the drawing room space. Go for a majorly whitish tone. But, go for a bright colour on the main, windowless wall behind your sofa set or television cabinet. This will not absorb much of colour but also prevent the space from being very boring. In fact, you can go for a wall mural or a wall graffiti as well to level up the game.

For hassle-free painting that will not empty your pockets yet provide the best interior ideas for your small apartment, contact now. Looking at a couple of colour charts from leading paint companies is always a good start.


Condition of previous wallsCondition of previous walls

This is very important as the undulation of the wall and the damp on the walls will significantly affect the professional painting process. If it is your own home, you already know. But, if you want to shift somewhere else, this is something you should definitely check out right in the beginning. You might need to use weather protection or damp proofing coating before beginning the proper painting process. This will help you keep your wall colours intact for a long time with Paint Sutra.

Tentative Budget

Budget Friendly

Before you reach out to the painting contractors, make a tentative budget of how much you are willing or able to spend on repainting your home. This is crucial as the kind of products and services you will get is directly dependent on the budget you provide. If you do not have a budget from the start, you might not be able to spend evenly giving undesirable results. Depending on your budget, you can go for modern painting, mechanised painting and more.

Cost and quantity of paint

Once your budget is ready, the next step is to find affordable painting and wall painters. Go through the sites of multiple painting services to see the colours, the labour and the technique that you can afford. Split the prices accordingly. Make sure that you get the wall colours of choice in the quantity required and that it fits your budget. Do not keep the budget too tight because the quantity might vary once the painters start their job. Do not go for random wall colours all at once. Sit down and check colour charts and tally them with your living space in order to arrive at a conclusion that suits you taste.

Colours, textures, patterns

The perfect end result!

Check for colours, textures and patterns that would match with the theme that you have imagined. If you want to be a little bold or go boho, opting for a wall mural, a wall painting or a wall graffiti is an absolutely fantastic option. Keep in mind which ones of your existing furniture you intend to keep and what new items you intend to add to the space. Your wall colours must be very well synchronised with your furniture, your lifestyle and everything in general. It must be organic. Since you are repainting, you are not starting everything from scratch. Therefore, you have to manage your existing conditions properly with the new painting process. is here to hold your hand every step of the way. Hurry up and give them a call now. Keep an eye on the hottest shades for this season as well before you zero in on the colour you prefer.


A Step-by-Step Approach to Repainting HomesA Step-by-Step Approach to Repainting Homes

Beautiful Home

Before you approach painting contractors for a painting service, try to ascertain exactly what you need and prefer in your space. When you are thinking of repainting your home, there are a number of clauses that you need to keep in mind- easy painting solutions, hassle free painting service, painting tools, exterior paints, interior paints, exterior painters, interior painters, wall painters and affordable painting to top it all. Moreover home painting and office painting again call for widely different painting services. So, you need to choose correctly. All these might be a little confusing which is why we are here to help you out with an easy guideline. Let us take a look at the step-by-step approach for repainting home with


Optimistic ShadesOptimistic Shades

The past few years have been close to a harrowing ordeal for most people out there. Pretty sure you are not an exception right? In such trying circumstances, it is indeed important to stay optimistic and believe in the power of the Universe to put everything right. Therefore, your space needs to mirror the same optimism and provide the positive vibes that you need. Bold India yellow, paired with Green Smoke or Leaf Green is an instant highlight to anybody’s home. It allows a cozy space and gives off a homely vibe that reminds you of lemonade, mangoes, childhood and home, something very crucial for 2022.


Wall Colour Trends of 2022Wall Colour Trends of 2022

Thinking about changing the interior of your house? Adding a few knick knacks here and there? Maybe a vintage vase that a beloved friend gifted you? Well, then, you have stumbled onto the perfect article. Why? That’s because every interior spruce up begins with wall painting. And for those who love everything unique and gorgeous, the wall painting must look not only stunning, but also pop out, just so you get all the compliments, right?

It is also not always possible to keep in with the latest trends, and let’s be honest here, when it comes to paint colourscolour shades, wall graffitiwallpaperswall muralswall doodles and more, it is pretty easy to get distracted and become indecisive. Therefore, it might always be a better idea to book a colour consultancy with modern painting and festival decor companies such as Paint Sutra, to make the home renovation really worth it.

Meanwhile, let us check out the colour trends that have been really up and about in 2022.