Practical guide for colour selection for a smaller flat

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Most of us these days have very cramped apartments, thanks to skyrocketing real estate prices. So, we do not have a lot of space to keep everything we love or decorate however much we might want to. Yet, who does not want to make their homes feel like it is something special and unique to themselves? Homes contain your stories, and their walls hold all the precious memories within them gently and with love. So, no matter how small a space you might have, you can still decorate it as per your requirements, both financial and otherwise. Here are a few tips from that will guide you through the process of house painting, home decoration, home interior and just home makeover in general, keeping in mind all your practical needs.

When it comes to smaller spaces, interior design or interior decoration becomes very important because you need to fit in all your belongings at first. Depending on this, the selection of wall colours comes.

Home furnishing

Home furnishing

The first factor that is significant while selecting your wall colours or for home furnishing is to calculate how much space you need in order to store your things. The next factor is whether you like more open space or are more comfortable with a small cosy area offset with a lot of furniture, personal belongings and warm wall colours. So, depending on your home interior and home decor taste, there can be two options. You might want a breezy, open space with a lot of light or space for fitting in all your belongings snugly.

In cities where the houses are all packed together, you hardly get enough air or sunlight. So, keeping as much open space as possible is the best idea. To do this, the option forward is to choose very light wall colour shades for your home makeover. Go for white, lemon yellow, grey, beige, peach and colours of the same shade to make your space look bigger. These shades would also absorb minimum light and make the space brighter. Use white linen curtains and upholstery as well for an airy, calm and soothing look.

The other idea is to meticulously consider your interior design. For a cosy and comfortable space, choose vibrant colours like red or golden yellow. However, keep in mind this will absorb a lot of light. So, the space is going to be dark and will also look small. Add in long lamps and a lot of plants to make the space look lively. The home decoration must include a lot of furniture, preferably wooden. If you have fibre furnishings, prefer not to use rich tones like red and yellow. Use something more moderate like pink or blue.

Finally, the best idea is to create a contrast in your house painting, especially in the drawing room space. Go for a majorly whitish tone. But, go for a bright colour on the main, windowless wall behind your sofa set or television cabinet. This will not absorb much of colour but also prevent the space from being very boring. In fact, you can go for a wall mural or a wall graffiti as well to level up the game.

For hassle-free painting that will not empty your pockets yet provide the best interior ideas for your small apartment, contact now. Looking at a couple of colour charts from leading paint companies is always a good start.

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