Month: April 2022

Optimistic ShadesOptimistic Shades

The past few years have been close to a harrowing ordeal for most people out there. Pretty sure you are not an exception right? In such trying circumstances, it is indeed important to stay optimistic and believe in the power of the Universe to put everything right. Therefore, your space needs to mirror the same optimism and provide the positive vibes that you need. Bold India yellow, paired with Green Smoke or Leaf Green is an instant highlight to anybody’s home. It allows a cozy space and gives off a homely vibe that reminds you of lemonade, mangoes, childhood and home, something very crucial for 2022.


Wall Colour Trends of 2022Wall Colour Trends of 2022

Thinking about changing the interior of your house? Adding a few knick knacks here and there? Maybe a vintage vase that a beloved friend gifted you? Well, then, you have stumbled onto the perfect article. Why? That’s because every interior spruce up begins with wall painting. And for those who love everything unique and gorgeous, the wall painting must look not only stunning, but also pop out, just so you get all the compliments, right?

It is also not always possible to keep in with the latest trends, and let’s be honest here, when it comes to paint colourscolour shades, wall graffitiwallpaperswall muralswall doodles and more, it is pretty easy to get distracted and become indecisive. Therefore, it might always be a better idea to book a colour consultancy with modern painting and festival decor companies such as Paint Sutra, to make the home renovation really worth it.

Meanwhile, let us check out the colour trends that have been really up and about in 2022.