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Merry Christmas! From Paint SutraMerry Christmas! From Paint Sutra

Huntley Christmas

Christmas is a time for decorating, and one of the best parts of that is choosing the perfect paint color to compliment your tree. A rich, deep green like Huntley Feels is a great choice that evokes the Christmas spirit. Adding some gold to trim and moldings will really make the room pop and bring out the best in your holiday decoration.

Christmas goodies

When mentioning Christmas snacks, one cannot forget the scrumptious cups of hot chocolate that keep you cozy. Imagine if this delightful beverage took over your living room or bedroom. Wouldn’t you feel great about never having to leave your house? So, choose a rich chocolate-coloured paint colour for your space. It’s the perfect hue because it goes well with anything. It’s a timeless neutral with a lovely holiday atmosphere.

Snowy House

What could be more idyllic than a winter wonderland scene straight out of a movie like Home Alone? While it may not be possible to achieve that level of perfection, you can get pretty close by painting your home in festive, pure-white hues. Add some dimension with architectural details like finishing carpentry and mill work is a very classical skill, then cover the walls in sparkling white fairy lights for a touch of magic.

Traditional Christmas

Christmas is incomplete without the stunning colors of red and white! From Christmas wreaths and Santa caps to candies and cherries, the traditional Christmas colors are a must. Inspire your living room with a deep shade of red home paint. The red backdrop will be perfect for your gorgeous Christmas tree and all the decorations. You can also incorporate whites into your space with white furniture and draperies.

Bolder Picks

Christmas is a time for festivity, and what better way to ring in the holiday cheer than with a little creativity in your home decor? You don’t have to stick to the traditional red and green hues – try out some unusual colors like blues, grays, purples, yellows or pinks. Add some personalized touches with Christmas lights and decorations, and make your living room a festive haven that friends and family will love spending time in.

Merry Christmas! YEH!



The New Year is coming with some new trends.

A great color for kitchens and gathering rooms is Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year

Viva Magenta:

Shades for unfamiliar times:

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is a vibrant and lively shade that expresses a sense of strength and energy. It is a bold color that encourages self-expression and creates a feeling of joy and optimism. Viva Magenta is inclusive and welcoming to all, with its assertive but not aggressive tone. This year’s color is capable of driving design forward to create a more positive future.

In the graphic design world, it’s all about magenta:

It is common for consumers today to spend large portions of their days looking at a screen with neutral colors and pale visuals. The Color of the Year 2023 is a captivating solution for designers looking for a color that cuts through the space. Through Viva Magenta, a brand conveys a sense of fearlessness, engagement, and unconventional thinking to make the world a better place

In the world of home and interiors, we’re all about magenta

Designers who are looking to make a bold statement can use the Color of the Year as a starting point for their design inspiration. Those who prefer a more subdued look can use it as an accent color. Viva Magenta can be used in many ways, from a striking piece of art in an all-neutral room to a glowing abstract canvas or nft projection in a white entryway.

The color psychology of magenta is viva

This year’s color of the year, Viva Magenta, is a bright, Crimson red that exudes boldness and fun while also embodying grace and confidence. This dynamic mix is perfect for those who want to take on new challenges and try something unconventional. The color speaks to our desire to connect with others on a deep level and work together to heal from long-term disruptive events. It offers us the assurance and motivation we need to continue moving forward despite difficult circumstances.


A variety of moody wall paint shadesA variety of moody wall paint shades

As you enter a room that is painted blue, you may suddenly feel a sense of calmness and tranquility. Have you ever wondered how your emotions perfectly match the wall shades of the room you are in? The colors of your walls not only beautify the space but also to a great extent, influence your moods and thoughts. While some may want a happy living space that is vibrant and quirky, others would prefer a sober minimalist vibe that helps them to relax. With so many color options available, it can be difficult to choose one. Ask yourself what kind of mood you want to set in your living room- bright and happy? This should help you narrow down your options and make the right choice.

Romantic and soft vibes

Choose powerful colors, such as deep reds and zesty oranges, but don’t overdo it. Soft shades, such as pinks, purples, and wine will brighten up your bedroom.

Happy and cheerful vibes

You’d be surprised to learn that bright happy colors stimulate the nervous system. It’s like entering a room and instantly feeling energetic and happy. Yellow, pink, green are all good colors for children’s rooms if you like to be energetic and happy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant and bold colors.


If you like exclusive and out-of-the-box things, then you probably have a dominant eclectic vibe. Create a contrasting palette or mix up 2-3 shades to create a unique space Quirk up your balcony and bar and create more unique spaces. Try a few different colors until you find the perfect shade.

Serene and calm vibes

You should use colors such as blue, white, or cream white if you love peace. Blue is said to have a calming effect and may even lower blood pressure. It’s perfect for the bedroom and living room. Make sure your room has plenty of natural light.

Dark Mysterious vibes

Do you enjoy being a space that reflects mysterious and dark vibes? While colors like black or grey may seem to be very strong for some, it might provoke emotions of power and elegance among others. Darker shades would go well with residential workspace, in- house theatre room or even study rooms

Welcoming and cozy vibes

After a long day’s work, everyone wants to come home to a cozy and inviting place. Muted tones like wood browns and golden hues really work on a sense of coziness and comfort. These tones are perfect for an entrance space, but you could also use them in your living room if the right textures and decor are used to balance the mood.


This easy wall painting idea will perfectly match your contemporary home interior design and requires no special artistic skills to finish. Simply pick your favorite color scheme and start painting various-sized rectangles in different shades. It looks great, is modern, and is sure to stand out.

Ombre sunset

The colors of sunset are captivating, and you can create a magical ombre wall design with careful color blending. Begin with a light blue at the top, then add a pinkish color, followed by a warm honey orange. Finally, use a salmon color at the bottom.

Watercolor effect

This wall painting design is exciting, imaginative, and unforgettable! Select some of your favorite colors to create this eye-catching look. By mixing acrylic paint with water, you can achieve this interesting watercolor effect. To prevent the design from being too overwhelming, keep the rest of the room simple.

Gingham pattern

Gingham or buffalo check plaid is very popular and has been used as a wall painting idea for a while. This gingham-inspired wall feature creates an idyllic charm and rustic vibe in the room. The key to success when creating a gingham wall feature is to study and understand the shades and hues, plan the painting, and keep the lines straight.

Honeycomb design

Decorate a blank white wall with different colors of honeycomb. The hexagons, which are randomly positioned, provide the room with a fun and unusual atmosphere. Use colors that match the interior of the room and use brighter shades for the children’s bedroom and more subdued for the living room or dining area.

Lines drawn at random

With a little imagination and free time, you can easily transform your empty and boring walls. This captivating two-tone wall painting is fun, modern, and unique. Its random lines and color blocking effectively add drama and personality to the space..

Melded Gray wall painting design

When you want a wall that is both plain and gray, but also unique and exciting, this textured gray wall is both captivating and outstanding. Combine two shades of gray to create a cloud-like effect. The bottom of the wall should be a darker color than the top. Use both colors in the middle section with quick, bold strokes to achieve the blended look.

Triangles in pastel colors

Bright, cheerful, and fun! This is one of the most festive wall painting designs and ideas. The pastel triangles on the wall will conjure up images of confetti, parties, and excitement. It’s ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, and even the kitchen.


Sizzling your Home with these 5 Unique Christmas Home Painting IdeasSizzling your Home with these 5 Unique Christmas Home Painting Ideas

Knock Knock Christmas is in front of your door

Christmas is fast approaching, the time of year when happiness abounds and is celebrated by people all over the world. The festival is so full of color that it makes you wonder what your home would look like if painted in Christmas hues. You may use every aspect of the Christmas home painting project to get some unique ideas for your Christmas interior home paint colors from Paint Sutra, one of the best painters in Bangalore. Here is a list of popular Christmas favorites, all in one place, to help you get started.

1. Holy Green 

A beautiful Christmas tree decoration can really make the holiday special. In addition to decorating the tree, you might be inspired to choose a similar paint color for your home. Christmas green has many qualities, including brightness, vibrancy, and liveliness. So, as part of your Christmas home painting plan, consider giving your bedroom walls a rich green paint like Huntley Feathers. To the trimmings and moldings, add a touch of gold.

2. Reds and White

Christmas would not be the same without the striking contrast of red and white. The deep red color can be seen in many Christmas decorations, such as wreaths, Santa hats, candy, and cherries. Therefore, it is important to get inspiration from traditional Christmas colors when painting your home for Christmas.

For the living room, choose a rich red hue for the paint color. This will make your Christmas decorations and trees stand out against the crimson background. White furniture and drapes can help bring a touch of white to your room.

3. White as Snow 

A dreamy Christmas season is one where Santa Claus comes to town and the whole city is covered in white snow. This scene is only possible if you are somewhere that experiences snowfall during Christmas. The good news is that you can transform your home into this setting by using pure white colours for your Christmas home painting theme.

For added drama and depth to your Christmas home decorations, incorporate finishing touches like millwork and mouldings. Make the space festive with white fairy lights and let the walls appear snow-covered. This will add to the Merry Christmas vibe!

4. Golden Ornaments

Christmas is all about the small, golden decorations you have used throughout the year. As a result, you can paint your house with shimmering gold accents and decorate it with golden ornaments like balls, presents, stars, and much more. Use gold from Paint Surta Impressions 24 Carat assortment to give your home the glistening look of gold. Although the area around the Christmas tree is typically our favourite place to use this dazzling champagne tone, there are endless possibilities for your personalized Christmas painting project.

5. Hot Chocolate

Can you imagine spending your time inside your home, cozy with a mug of hot chocolate? It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can make this a reality by painting your walls a rich chocolate color. This shade is perfect because it goes well with almost anything and has a traditional yet festive vibe. If you want to experiment beyond the typical red and green Christmas colors, don’t be afraid to try out some bolder hues. Paint Sutra is a great, reasonably priced painting service provider in India that can help you achieve the vision for your home. So start planning and decorating with lights and ornaments to make your house merry and bright!

Merry Christmas to all!


6 Different Types of Textured Paint For Walls6 Different Types of Textured Paint For Walls

There are several things to take into consideration before even beginning to paint a wall. If you are hiring a professional or doing it yourself, you want to create the perfect painted finish. These six types of textured paints will get the job done right without spending a lot of time or money on supplies..

1. Orange Peel

This type of textured Paint is similar to the skin of an orange, making it a popular choice for both walls and ceilings. It can add an element of depth to any space and is easy to apply with a roller or sprayer.

2. Hawk and Trowel

This type of textured Paint is created by using a hawk and trowel to apply a thick layer of plaster to the wall. A hawk is a tool that’s used to hold the plaster while the trowel is used to spread it evenly across the surface. This type of textured paint is best suited for walls that are in good condition and don’t have any cracks or defects.

If your walls have been patched up before, you should use a different kind of textured paint, such as stippling or dry brushing, because these types cover up flaws better than hawk and trowel.

3. Slap brush

This type of textured Paint is ideal for those who want to add some dimension to their walls without going overboard. It’s also a great choice if you’re unsure how much texture you actually want – you can always add more later if you decide you want more after seeing it on your walls. Slap brush textured paint is applied with a brush that has bristles that are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides, which helps create the perfect amount of texture..

4. Sand Swirl

For a Paint job that is truly one of a kind, try sand swirl texture paint. This type of paint is made by adding sand to the paint mixture, which gives it a gritty texture. You can then use a variety of painting techniques to create different effects. Sand swirl texture paint is perfect for those who want to add a bit of personality to their walls. It may not be suitable in areas with high foot traffic or delicate furniture, though, as this paint may show scratches more easily than other textures.

5. Knockdown

A knockdown texture is created by applying a thin layer of joint compound to your walls with a putty knife, then lightly running the blade over the top to create a knockdown look. This type of texture is perfect for hiding imperfections and creating a smooth, professional finish. You can even add another coat if you want it to be more textured and bumpy.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn Paint is a common type of textured Paint that is perfect for hiding imperfections and creating a smooth, even surface. It is easy to apply and can be found at most hardware stores.