Merry Christmas! From Paint Sutra

Huntley Christmas

Christmas is a time for decorating, and one of the best parts of that is choosing the perfect paint color to compliment your tree. A rich, deep green like Huntley Feels is a great choice that evokes the Christmas spirit. Adding some gold to trim and moldings will really make the room pop and bring out the best in your holiday decoration.

Christmas goodies

When mentioning Christmas snacks, one cannot forget the scrumptious cups of hot chocolate that keep you cozy. Imagine if this delightful beverage took over your living room or bedroom. Wouldn’t you feel great about never having to leave your house? So, choose a rich chocolate-coloured paint colour for your space. It’s the perfect hue because it goes well with anything. It’s a timeless neutral with a lovely holiday atmosphere.

Snowy House

What could be more idyllic than a winter wonderland scene straight out of a movie like Home Alone? While it may not be possible to achieve that level of perfection, you can get pretty close by painting your home in festive, pure-white hues. Add some dimension with architectural details like finishing carpentry and mill work is a very classical skill, then cover the walls in sparkling white fairy lights for a touch of magic.

Traditional Christmas

Christmas is incomplete without the stunning colors of red and white! From Christmas wreaths and Santa caps to candies and cherries, the traditional Christmas colors are a must. Inspire your living room with a deep shade of red home paint. The red backdrop will be perfect for your gorgeous Christmas tree and all the decorations. You can also incorporate whites into your space with white furniture and draperies.

Bolder Picks

Christmas is a time for festivity, and what better way to ring in the holiday cheer than with a little creativity in your home decor? You don’t have to stick to the traditional red and green hues – try out some unusual colors like blues, grays, purples, yellows or pinks. Add some personalized touches with Christmas lights and decorations, and make your living room a festive haven that friends and family will love spending time in.

Merry Christmas! YEH!

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