This easy wall painting idea will perfectly match your contemporary home interior design and requires no special artistic skills to finish. Simply pick your favorite color scheme and start painting various-sized rectangles in different shades. It looks great, is modern, and is sure to stand out.

Ombre sunset

The colors of sunset are captivating, and you can create a magical ombre wall design with careful color blending. Begin with a light blue at the top, then add a pinkish color, followed by a warm honey orange. Finally, use a salmon color at the bottom.

Watercolor effect

This wall painting design is exciting, imaginative, and unforgettable! Select some of your favorite colors to create this eye-catching look. By mixing acrylic paint with water, you can achieve this interesting watercolor effect. To prevent the design from being too overwhelming, keep the rest of the room simple.

Gingham pattern

Gingham or buffalo check plaid is very popular and has been used as a wall painting idea for a while. This gingham-inspired wall feature creates an idyllic charm and rustic vibe in the room. The key to success when creating a gingham wall feature is to study and understand the shades and hues, plan the painting, and keep the lines straight.

Honeycomb design

Decorate a blank white wall with different colors of honeycomb. The hexagons, which are randomly positioned, provide the room with a fun and unusual atmosphere. Use colors that match the interior of the room and use brighter shades for the children’s bedroom and more subdued for the living room or dining area.

Lines drawn at random

With a little imagination and free time, you can easily transform your empty and boring walls. This captivating two-tone wall painting is fun, modern, and unique. Its random lines and color blocking effectively add drama and personality to the space..

Melded Gray wall painting design

When you want a wall that is both plain and gray, but also unique and exciting, this textured gray wall is both captivating and outstanding. Combine two shades of gray to create a cloud-like effect. The bottom of the wall should be a darker color than the top. Use both colors in the middle section with quick, bold strokes to achieve the blended look.

Triangles in pastel colors

Bright, cheerful, and fun! This is one of the most festive wall painting designs and ideas. The pastel triangles on the wall will conjure up images of confetti, parties, and excitement. It’s ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, and even the kitchen.

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