Condition of previous walls

This is very important as the undulation of the wall and the damp on the walls will significantly affect the professional painting process. If it is your own home, you already know. But, if you want to shift somewhere else, this is something you should definitely check out right in the beginning. You might need to use weather protection or damp proofing coating before beginning the proper painting process. This will help you keep your wall colours intact for a long time with Paint Sutra.

Tentative Budget

Budget Friendly

Before you reach out to the painting contractors, make a tentative budget of how much you are willing or able to spend on repainting your home. This is crucial as the kind of products and services you will get is directly dependent on the budget you provide. If you do not have a budget from the start, you might not be able to spend evenly giving undesirable results. Depending on your budget, you can go for modern painting, mechanised painting and more.

Cost and quantity of paint

Once your budget is ready, the next step is to find affordable painting and wall painters. Go through the sites of multiple painting services to see the colours, the labour and the technique that you can afford. Split the prices accordingly. Make sure that you get the wall colours of choice in the quantity required and that it fits your budget. Do not keep the budget too tight because the quantity might vary once the painters start their job. Do not go for random wall colours all at once. Sit down and check colour charts and tally them with your living space in order to arrive at a conclusion that suits you taste.

Colours, textures, patterns

The perfect end result!

Check for colours, textures and patterns that would match with the theme that you have imagined. If you want to be a little bold or go boho, opting for a wall mural, a wall painting or a wall graffiti is an absolutely fantastic option. Keep in mind which ones of your existing furniture you intend to keep and what new items you intend to add to the space. Your wall colours must be very well synchronised with your furniture, your lifestyle and everything in general. It must be organic. Since you are repainting, you are not starting everything from scratch. Therefore, you have to manage your existing conditions properly with the new painting process. is here to hold your hand every step of the way. Hurry up and give them a call now. Keep an eye on the hottest shades for this season as well before you zero in on the colour you prefer.

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