There are some ideas to Remove Holi Colours From your Walls

Holi, the vibrant festival of colors, is almost here and we simply can’t contain our excitement. Admittedly, participation in Holi is one great way to scrub away stress and celebrate the start of a new year. But don’t forget that a good deal of advanced planning should go into putting together your Holi look – though sometimes it ends up spinning out of hand (heads up!). More importantly, measures must be taken to shield house interiors from any unplanned spatter caused

We have gone over all inquiries concerning removing color stains from walls along with how to wipe colors from the couch cushions. Therefore, let us check out eight methods of safeguarding our residences for Holi.

A Before And After Holi Cleaning Strategy Can Protect Your Walls

How To Remove Colour Stains From Walls?

This query has different facets than expected. Walls are prone to unexpected dabs of pigment during the Holi festival, making them open to fortification. In order to ensure utmost protection for the walls, below are essential steps that need to be taken pre and post Holi.

Before Holi: How To Keep Your Walls Safe

To protect your walls from colour splashes, follow these steps:

  • You have the option of selecting a paint that is washable or simple to clean with a cloth or sponge on your walls. Such types of paint can act as effective guards against colour smudges, marks by pencils and splashes from tea spillages!
  • Provide barrier protection for walls before painting them! If there are flaws in the corners, filling these areas with a crack sealant will keep the wall’s appearance even. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a lasting colour over the rough stains.
  • You can also opt for anti-stain varnishes on the walls.

After Holi: How To Remove Holi Colours From Walls

  • Don’t be too hard on your walls if they are already adorned with paint. Consider what kind of effect the colour was giving and choose yours carefully. Cleaning them off is better done by using a damp sponge that is slowly moved around the wall in circles.
  • If you have the non-washable wall paint with Holi colour stains, firstly soak the wet colour stains with a tissue paper and then apply a baking soda and water paste on the stained areas. Now let it dry for 15 minutes. Next, you can gently clean up the paste and the stains with a soft, micro fibre cloth. Rub the cloth on the wall in a circular motion until the colours are gone.
  • You can renovate the walls with an after-Holi touch-up. In case you skipped our pre-Holi steps, your walls are washed with colours everywhere, you can go for a touch-up. While you can DIY your wall paint, you must go with professional painters if there are stubborn marks and irregular stains.

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