Exterior Painting Colour Trends

If you want to sell your property or want to to give your property a new ‘retouch’ paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to maximise the value of your property. However, deciding on the colours to use can be a confusing process.

A couple of things to keep in mind before you start choosing.

Use Minimum Colour Scheme

Pink and white brush

There is a recent trend for very minimalist-or classic- colour schemes which are not only modern and ‘cool’, but are also colours that protect the integrity and structure of your home.

When we talk about “cool” colours, this is not about popularity, but more about a modern colour scheme that helps you to protect your home.

No Darker Exterior Painting Colour

Lighter Exterior Painting Colour

Dark exterior  painting colours can actually increase the internal heat of your home by at least 6%. They can draw so much heat to the outside that weatherboard timber can buckle and render can crack within no time at all. In saying this, a good quality exterior paint can reflect the sun’s rays to avoid this.

Consider Surrounding Environment


When we consider modern schemes from architects and designers, the home needs to suit the environment. A good way of checking this is by looking at your house from the other side of the street. The following five colours can be used in combination or individually to refresh the look of your home and ultimately enhance its curb appeal.

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