Splash off the colour in wall

Colour with splash

Splash off the colour in wall:

The paint brushes swirling left and right, up and down, around and around.A wide upside frown became the painter’s trademark as he concentrated with gusto on his job,refurbishing old houses without hesitation was a happy occasion the dull canvas cleared quickly as the plush colours appeared painting.


The image of a well-loved and cared for housing project completing the task in a short period of time, and the end result being more than satisfactory some might say the brights and bolds are eye sores from miles away, they could now easily be spotted, but boredom never arose but he who ever said life or in addition, the outer walls, oh an old but new home it should be anything, but dull, so, the artist did their thing and continued to complete the piece with a touch of spring, they painted the house.

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