You Can Use These 5 Calming Colours In Your Children’s Bedrooms

These days, designing a child’s bedroom is typically done well before the child arrives. Furnishings, like infant beds and colours on the walls are both created to provide a pleasant and safe atmosphere for the youngster. Preparations used to be put off until late in the game, but now parents take active planning steps long before their baby’s birth.

When you think of colors that are suitable for children, what comes to your mind first? Is it the assumption that pink is for girls and blue is for boys? This type of categorization can be restrictive and outdated. For example, if you decide to decorate your kid’s crib with a design inspired by The Jungle Book, they may find the lion decal intimidating rather than fun. Therefore, it’s important to understand how various color combinations can influence a child’s emotions and actions before settling on a particular palette. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 calming colors most appropriate for bedrooms. Enjoy!

Red, Greens, Blues, Purples

When you observe a field of lavender, does it bring about joy? Or do you feel tranquil in a place that has plenty of blues? Indeed, the impact that colour has on our feelings is real, and there are numerous studies demonstrating how certain colours evoke emotions more than others. Given that kids are already extra sensitive to outside influences, selecting the proper bedroom colour combination is essential.

Choosing the right wall color for your child’s bedroom

1. The Color Red Brings Out Cheerful Thoughts

Red is a widely appreciated hue in the range of colours. Each culture has their own interpretation of the colour, but it is generally seen as vibrant, energetic and courageous. Warmer shades (from the longer side of the wavelength) can bring life to an otherwise dull room. However, when decorating a whole area with red, don’t overdo it; just one statement wall (or two) plus some reddish elements in furniture and decorations should do the job. Too much red may have an adverse effect on a child who is already overly active and restless.

2. Shades of Orange: The Goodness of Life

Orange is becoming increasingly popular with Indian parents for good reasons! It has a welcoming and cheerful feel that invokes positive emotions and encourages confidence in children who may have social anxieties. There are numerous shades of orange to choose from, so incorporating it into your child’s bedroom will ensure they have plenty of friends over for fun conversations and sleepovers.

3. With green, you can bring the outside inside

Green is a great choice of color for children’s room decorations. Its natural hue creates a calming atmosphere and is favored by kids of all ages. To increase reading speed and comprehension, painting the walls green and incorporating green accents in décor, rugs, sheets, etc. can be beneficial. For an effect that won’t become dull over time, try muted shades such as jade or army greens; these colors help reduce stress levels and aid in focusing better.

4. Shades of blue can calm their minds

Despite not being a conventional choice, blue is extensively chosen when decorating a room for children, or any room. Its tranquil ambience offers many ways of personalizing the space to one’s creative preference. Psychology says that blue has an opposite effect from red; it reduces stimulation and is beneficial for energetic little ones since it can be very effective at helping them calm down.

5. Purple Creates a Royal and Creative Space

Purple, which often symbolizes royal households, is conventionally associated with assurance and high goals. However, recent studies demonstrate that this uncommon and nonconformal color is linked to imaginativeness, ardor, divinity, and education. Accordingly, if seeking to design an atmosphere which stimulates fresh views and heat inside your offspring’s environment use purple as a feature wall or even attach decorations on the walls like wallpapers offering a diverse compilation of shades.

A few words at the end

Parents these days are meticulous about everything concerning their children, from their clothing and education to the color of their bedrooms. If you are looking for painting ideas for your youngster’s space, contact our specialists now!

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