These are the must-try paint colors for your home this summer

It’s time to perk up your home and give it a new look by adding some summer hues. How you decide to paint your house inside and out makes a big impression. Use joyful colours this season to bring freshness and liveliness into your living space.

Before you paint your house, here are a few things to consider

When painting the interior of a house, one must take into account factors such as temperature and potential leakage issues. Monsoon season can bring unseen moisture which can lead to water seeping through weak waterproofing and creating hairline cracks and wet patches on walls and ceilings. To prevent this, any gaps or fractures in the walls, ceiling, or corners should be filled with putty before painting to ensure that the paint job lasts.

Once the surface is scraped, repair any loose plaster before you start painting. Outer walls need to be treated with external waterproofing materials to reduce water penetration. The weatherproof coating will serve as a protective barrier between your property and rain, keeping your walls dry. Say goodbye to monsoon-related worries and welcome summer in style with a fresh coat of paint in an eye-catching colour of your choice. There are many types of home paint colours available for different needs; for example Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Paint, Premium XT Exterior Paint and Leakproof Emulsion . Painting early in the season is advisable as this prevents decay from water leakage and damage. This helps ensure that the finish will last longer while maintaining its quality.

Choosing summer colors

The following colours will brighten up your Home in this summer: Paint Sutra


A vivid, sunny hue truly captures the definition of summer, making it an ideal pop color to emphasize in any living room by way of an unique accent wall. Pairing these even saturated shades with balanced fixtures delivers up a lively atmosphere that is chic, breathing in relaxation and peace.

Capri blue

Interior designers have been opting for coral blue, Capri blue, and turquoise lately since these infused hues signify prettiness and peacefulness while making a spectacular accent to your home over the summer months. A way of bringing this ambrosial yet lively color into your residence can be painting the walls in your bathroom this submarine shade or covering a single wall in the kitchen with interesting texture.

Emerald green

The richly colored emerald green has a connection to the outdoors. It presents itself as an invigorated tone on the walls for a balanced, organic feel when paired with houseplants. Combined with bed linens of a comparable luminosity, your space will resemble that of a bright and vibrant summer day.

Citrusy lemon

Choosing lemon-hued paint for the walls inside a home can bring vibrancy akin to the sunny season. This excited yet cheery colour choice seems ideal in playrooms and bathrooms. Compelling against light beige elements and features, this enticing summertime option looks often magnificent.

Ivory and Terracotta

Soft tones of beige and terracotta can achieve a soothing atmosphere that exudes nostalgia. Mixing them with ivory will temper the strength of each hue, resulting in an earthy charm for bedroom walls.

Mint and Charcoal

This two tone bedroom wall setup is one of the most attractive colour combinations seen in recent years. The mix of gentle green and warm charcoal provides a tranquil and uncomplicated atmosphere. Summer is a time for good feelings and bright sunshine, making it an upbeat period to look forward to. To bring this joy into your home, consider adding beautiful summer interior colours which will complement the season. You can use these cool summer hues to paint an entire house or just one room; whatever you decide, Paint Sutra has plenty of ideas to choose from! Enjoy the summer and get in touch with Paint Sutra for more design inspiration.

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