What is the best way to prepare your home for the monsoon?

The Monsoon season in India is a reason for celebration. After having been under the hot and blazing sun for an extended period of time, the first raindrops mark a welcomed breathe of relief. Unfortunately, this moisture containing atmosphere is absolutely dreadful to any house paint on the outside of dwellings, leaving flecking exposes due to cracks and patchy disappearances.

When it comes to the house paint, people often choose a cheaper alternative in an effort to save money, despite taking the utmost care to ensure the internal structure of their houses is strong and durable.

General Instructions:

Ideally, a house should be painted before the beginning of the monsoon, between February to April. Before beginning the paint job:

1. Make sure there are no cracks or leaks

It is essential to determine the kind of surface for a successful painting job. Inspect the walls, gateways and windows for any water leaks and breaks. Ensure these discrepancies are suitably corrected prior to exterior house painting; that way these are protected from potential monsoon destruction.

2. Walls should be water-proofed

Walls can be built out of a substance such as concrete which tends to take up lots of moisture. If paint is applied post-construction, then excess water could penetrate the walls and degrade their quality. Rainy season weather conditions can not only bring about big gusts of wind and a high amount of humidity: there’s also an abundance of debris which can ruin house paint’s reflective finish.

To protect the house against any damage, the paint must be::

  • Silicone-based – It protects the wall from moisture and prevents the appearance of dark moisture patches. This also leads to safety against fungal build-up on exterior walls.
  • Polymer-based – Paints based on polymers keep walls clean and dust-free.

3. Damages Repair

If the house wasn’t painted prior to the rain season and its outside walls were damaged, it’s still easy to get it fixed. Contact a skilled team soon after the downpour is over and get the walls restored. Prior to exclaiming, any breaks in them must be filled, in addition to a proofing therapeutics as a measure of protection against further harm should be activated. Each leaky pipes or sewers must also be replaced so that no water will disperse out of them onto the

Wall Colour Ideas for Monsoon

In addition to choosing a high-quality Paint, one must also choose the right wall colours to make the rain damage hardly visible. Let’s have a look at a few here:

1. Deep Blue

When applied to the exterior of houses, Deep Blue offers great protection against dust and looks very classy. Moisture damage is well hidden by its dark tones.

2. Steel Grey

Steel gray is great to use for exterior house paint during the wet monsoon season. Moisture damage is not easily identifiable when this hue is applied. To get the ideal look, team this color with either black or white to accentuate the doors and windows.

3. Teal is a fanciful

Teal is a fanciful choice of colour to paint with, but the outcome is wonderful and strikingly pleasing to the eye. The perfect combination of brighter and calmer tones makes it an ideal option for individuals who are set on venturing outside traditional expectations.

4. Exposed brick

Exposed bricks in the shades of brown, ochre, or tan shades can give an earthy-rusty look to houses and are ideal for people who have a soft spot for the vintage.

5. Ochre

Exterior house paint in ochre looks elegant and gives a mellow tone. During a monsoon, this color will withstand even the worst storms.

Information About Relevant Paints Product

Choosing a paint that’s specially formulated to handle wet weather and all-type of climate keeps houses adequately safeguarded when typhoon season rolls around. Dirt proof is an example of a reliable option due to its nanoparticle tech which repels dirt, as well as its ability to even fill in cracks no matter how insignificant they may be. As well as protecting against UV rays, its silicone polymers repel water and prevent algae growth .Do not let wet weather impair your imagination. With Indigo Paints, it is possible to paint a house without having to bother about struggle caused by moisture or fissures. Implement the given advises and make the house of your dream come true!


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