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Colors and Their Meanings

Colors can have a profound impact on the energy of a space. The five main colors and how they can affect the energy are:


Red: Red is a powerful color that can increase energy and excitement.

Orange: Orange is a cheerful color that can add happiness and enthusiasm.

Yellow: Yellow is a happy color that can brighten up a space and create positive vibes.

Green: Green is a calming color that can refresh and rejuvenate.

Blue: Blue is a peaceful color that can promote relaxation and serenity.

Red Interior
Orange Interior
  • Orange is considered a social color and can foster good conversation and company. It can represent fire or earth. Orange calls forth feelings of warmth and comfort, especially in the depths of winter.
Green Interior
  • Green is a color that focuses on health. It helps ground you in the natural world and brings calmness to your life and can represent wood. Consider layering green colors (similar to the varying leaves) to capture the outdoors in your space. A good base on your wall can be Green.
Blue Interior
  • Blue also brings calm. A lighter blue helps mimic the sky. It is beneficial in a home office or a nursery, maybe even as a ceiling paint. Paint shades such as blue provide opportunities for growth and progress when the world is limitless above you. Blue also represents wood.
White Colour
  • White serves as a balancing color. It can draw bridges from different elements, giving balance to space. A pure white paint also allows for introspection and refocus, striking a new balance internally and externally. You may also consider a white wallpaper with a soothing design that adds an extra layer of energy to the room. White can represent metal.

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