Your New 2 BHK Flat: Painting Options

In India, we have a deep connection with color and this is best seen in our 2 BHK flats. Fresh wall paint or home paint coloring refreshes any space, benefiting both the atmosphere and predisposition of those dwelling within. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or looking to spruce up your existing apartment, getting the painting done is a fundamental priority. As important as it is to get high quality painter services, it’s just important to know how to effectively combine paints for your home.

1. The first step is to decorate –

If your home is new, use the existing decor as a source of ideas. Also, search the web for inspiration. You should spend some time browsing websites focused on interior decorations and learn what you can. If feasible, hire an interior decorator (for your 3 BHK or 2 BHK apartment) to get advice from Paint Sutra.

2. Identify inspirations –

This is very similar to the first one & here again you will have to put a bit of research and look ahead for more inspiration. The more you study the more information can be gathered which you can implement in the long run. Finding a colour to match your decor is very much easier than finding fabric along with furniture & furnishing to match up with the wall colours.

3. The colors must be tested –

You can reach out to Paint Sutra for samples of colors related to your choice and after that you can apply the hues on select areas of the walls in your house. Observe how the shades look at different times throughout the day and under various lighting conditions. Determine if the undershade blends nicely with furnishing or decorations within a room. Even if it consumes a few days inside your two-bedroom penthouse, you’ll definitely achieve an ideal result.

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