Think About These Three Things When Painting in Extreme Heat.

When the days of summer hit, those who prefer to Take On home maintenance projects get ready by putting on their work clothing. A frequent place they start is to paint their house’s exterior walls, outside shutters and/or porches. Nevertheless, many don’t become aware that painting in warmer temperatures presents various impediments.

1. Surface Exposure To Direct Sunlight

he heat of external surfaces can rise to up to 20°F above its real temperature as it absorbs sunshine. Newly painted objects can decompose or uncurl if coloured right under the sun. Before commencing with the task, it is necessary to caress any object you are hoping to paint; if it is warm when tapped, wait till the warmth declines before getting on with your painting. Few strategies that may be enforced in [order?] not to design exposed straight sunlight comprise: starting project early in

2. High Heat in the Shade

Even on surfaces out of direct sunlight, high temperatures can affect your painting project. Painting in hot weather speeds up paint drying times. Fresh paint that overlaps rapidly-dried paint may cure with a noticeable quality difference.

Give yourself more time between painting sections to allow your paint to fully dry. Signs that your paint job needed more time to dry include

A peeling first coat during a second application

Cracked or chipping paint

Speckling, bubbling, or an uneven finish

3. Paint Must Stay Cool

Painting during times of warm weather poses a risk for paint to overheat. When the number on the thermostat rises, water in the paint quickly begins to evaporate which creates blocks that prevent proper adhesion. You can counter excessive temperatures by dropping two or three ice cubes into containers and positioning a sheet on top before pouring in your choice of decors. There are some other options you can utilize like avoiding placement in direct sunlight, surface insulation from asphalt, concrete, or metal along with complete

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