Here are 3 reasons why you should use a quality primer when painting your commercial property

If you’re revamping the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial space, repainting the area can help improve the overall look. A well-executed painting project can make a significant difference in giving your retail store, office space, or hospitality venue a new lease of life. Yet, it is essential to not overlook the crucial step of using a primer before you apply any new colours. In this article, we explore the reasons why using a primer is vital for the success of your commercial painting project.

1. Maintaining a smooth and long-lasting surface

Having a strong foundation is necessary when constructing a building just as having a reliable primer serves as a foundation for painting your walls. Different materials are used when painting commercial projects in Sydney including concrete, metal, drywall, and wood. A top-notch primer produces a smooth and uniform surface, essential for a better adhesion upon applying the paint, creating satisfactory and lasting results. Proficient commercial painters understand how significant this layer is in achieving quality paintwork overall.

Not using a primer while painting a commercial space may lead to unsatisfactory outcomes, such as unevenness in color, dullness, or peeling in the future. These marks can spoil the appearance of your property and require you to waste extra money on repainting sooner than expected. Premier Painting suggests that by using high-quality primers, you can prevent these problems and obtain long-lasting results with minimal touch-ups.

2. Making colours more vibrant and consistent

Embarking on a search for the ideal paint colour can bring about a sense of excitement, but the end result can be disheartening if it fails to meet your expectations. This is why primer is so essential. Commercial painters in Sydney understand that painting directly onto an untreated surface can cause colour inconsistencies due to the variance in the material below. When the paint seeps in unevenly, it can cause patches of lighter or darker spots, deeming the commercial space uneven.

By utilizing an effective primer, you can attain an even absorption rate on your surface, guaranteeing that the finishing paint appears both consistent and accurate to your desired outcome. It’s crucial when handling loud or robust color palettes that require a strong foundation in order to be showcased properly. Expenditure on high-quality primers will aid with the creation of an attractive and unambiguous paint color, thus contributing to a visually enthralling and unified area for customers and staff members.

3. Providing a Professional Finish and Blocking Stains

The walls of commercial spaces often fall victim to different factors that lead to unwanted marks and stains. From dirty spots left by water to grease-based stains that can spoil the overall look of your office, storefront, or establishment. Professionals in commercial painting all over Sydney acknowledge that utilizing a primer with properties that block the appearance of stains is crucial. A high-quality primer stops stains from bleeding through the paint, allowing the final coating of paint to glide flawlessly on for that eye-catching finish that businesses desire.

In cases where commercial spaces were formerly painted with dark or intense colors, it is important to prime prior to transitioning to lighter hues. In the absence of a primer, the old color could peek through and impact the desired aesthetics. By employing a trusted primer like those provided by Premier Painting, one can obtain an expert and finished outcome, ready to carry the desired color transformation.

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The importance of utilizing a high-quality primer for your business painting project should not be disregarded. A superior primer serves as a dependable base, adds to color uniformity, and prevents stains. It is a crucial element that substantiates a remarkable and enduring painting job.

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