Discover 10 combinations of kitchen cabinets and wall colors

Discover ten inspiring combinations of kitchen cabinets and wall colors

Vaastu Shastra is an old Indian system of architecture and design that seeks to create a balanced living area. The kitchen is seen as the core of the home, where family and friends meet to eat, joke around, and make memories. This is why many people put in a lot of effort when it comes to designing their kitchen in order to make it look inviting. When deciding on how to decorate the kitchen, one critical decision would be choosing the right colour combination for modular kitchens and getting the colour of cabinets right. Berger Imperia Gold provides tinting bases for both opaque and metallic finishes that are great for cabinets – keep scrolling if you want ideas on exciting colours from Imperia Gold along with matching wall colours!

Adding Red Walls to White Cabinets

Something modern and stylish can be achieved by covering cabinets in white, while adding a vibrant red to the walls gives off a dynamic vibe. Consider the example represented in the picture above, with impressive contrast demonstrated between the ivoried furnishings and scarlet backdrop corresponding to dynamic displays of vigor in the room beyond.

Cabinets with light grey walls and teal cabinets

Kitchen cabinets of light grey can bring a calm atmosphere to the kitchen. Adding a bit of teal for the walls provides a modern and lively feel, which is especially aesthetically pleasing in kitchens that get plentiful natural illumination and exhibits vivid hues in these shades. For those intending to downsize, look at using either cream or olive green – two excellent selections to energies the room.

An olive green wall with cream Colour

Using a cream shade from Berger Imperia Gold for kitchen cabinets can provide a neutral base. The presence of silicones in this polyurethane coating makes it suitable for use in areas such as kitchens where water exposure is high. Additionally, a splash of olive green on the kitchen walls can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The combination of these two colours creates a subtle contrast that is both elegant and sophisticated. This colour scheme is versatile and timeless, providing a classic and welcoming look that is sure

Walls and cabinets are gray with blue accents

Are you on the hunt for a amazing wall colour coordination for your interior design that prominently features blue? No need to deploy any sought, the complete walls painted navy will deliver a blazing statement. Contrastingly to create classy charm in the kitchen ebony marble columned cupboards have been proposed rather than middle brown. Coupled with royal blue surface folds radiating tranquility set off marvelous by as fleck stirred cabinets in grey creating neutrally artistic design while also contributing vaporous

Powder pink walls and cream cabinets

Using creamed kitchen cabinets can make the room feel more welcoming. Blush-colored walls then add a lovely and sophisticated ambiance. This coordinated pairing is sure be a success! For lighter wall color palettes, paper or stain messes won’t detract from appearance due to Berger Easy Clean Fresh being able to easily blast away any discolorations.

Peach Walls With Light Wood Cabinets

Installing light-colored kitchen cabinets will add perhaps an air of sophistication and simple decor. Painting the walls a shade of peach can establish an inviting atmosphere while in the kitchen. The mixture of this luminous wood tint as well as its soft visual counter part bring forth a pleasing contraposition, inducing comfort into the area conducive to joy.

Beige Walls with Charcoal Grey Cabinets

Charcoal grey for kitchen cabinets can create a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. Beige walls can offer a striking contrast between the dark cabinets – a look that our home decorating gurus can vouch for!

Yellow Walls with Beige Cabinets

Beige for kitchen cabinets can make the space feel warm and comfy. Yellow walls can create a cheerful and sunny atmosphere in a room. The combination of warm beige tones in the cabinets with bright yellow walls can make the space feel inviting and energizing.

White Walls with Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy blue cabinets with a protective, germ-eliminating Berger Imperia Gold coating could bring an incredibly refined and luxurious aura to the kitchen. Against these navy blue cabinets are white walls, creating a splash of fresh luminosity and leading to a an awe-invoking timeless theme.

Walls and cabinets are dark wood with light grey accents

Dark wood kitchen cabinets can be complemented nicely by pale gray walls to make an even split between darker and lighter tones. This pallet is both original and adaptive which is why it’s become so popular with both current and veteran layouts. Should you need some colours to apply to your kitchen cabinetry, copulating gray-hued laminates with dark wood cabinets could work very effectively.

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