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Why should you hire a professional painter to paint your home?Why should you hire a professional painter to paint your home?

There is a quick and affordable way to improve the value of your home by upgrading your existing features..

Paint is one of the most affordable and quick ways to update your home’s exterior. By painting your home, you can change its look and feel, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.

  • Protect : Your home’s surfaces are protected from moisture, dust, insects, microorganisms, and corrosion thanks to paint.
  • Maintenance: A painting job provides the opportunity to locate and fix flaws on your home’s surface.
  • Prevent obsolescence: Keeping an old house looking modern is possible by painting it.
  • Protect market value: Painting your home will make it more appealing to buyers, thus increasing its value.

Surface preparation is the most important part of painting a house.

The main purpose of surface preparation is to make the surface ready for the paint so that it will adhere properly. Poor preparation can lead to paint failure.

  1. Pressure wash: The first step in cleaning a surface is using a jet stream of water to blast away dirt, dust, mold, and other surface impurities..
  2. Scraping: After pressure washing, the surface may still contain impurities that must be manually removed. This process involves scraping the surface to remove any contaminants..
  3. Surface repair: Pressure washing and scraping processes will reveal weak, rotten, or damaged spots on the surface that need to be repaired.
  4. Caulking and sanding: Caulk and filler are applied to seal imperfections and create an even surface. The entire surface is then sanded to smooth it
  1. Priming: Primer is a substance that is put on the surface of a painting to help it look perfect even if there are uneven colors on the surface..

Professional painters can help you paint your home more effectively and cheaply than doing it yourself..

Benefits of hiring a professional painter to paint your home

Professional advice

Perhaps the hardest part of painting a home for most homeowners is deciding what color scheme to use. A professional painter can help you wade through the thousands of options by pointing you in the direction of the colors buyers like most or what will work best for your home. The painter will put the benefits of their years of experience at your disposal.

You get a beautiful home done to perfection.

Unlike when you paint your home by yourself, you can expect perfect lines when hiring a professional painter. You will not have issues with roller marks or brush lines showing in the paintwork with a professional painter. This matters because the small details determine the quality of a paint job.

Moreover, even if you want something intricate in the design, a professional painter will execute it to perfection. When you paint your home yourself, you must limit yourself to the simplest designs. But when you hire a professional painter, you can unleash your imagination.

Should you paint your home by yourself or hire a professional painter?

What is the best way to handle your home’s paint project given the impact it has on its overall value and appearance? Is it a good idea to paint your home by yourself? Or should you hire a professional painter to do it? Will painting the house by yourself have any long-term effects on the appearance of your home and its market value?

To answer the questions, perhaps we should first ask why some homeowners think they should paint their homes by themselves.

For most homeowners who choose to paint their homes themselves, there are two reasons:

  • Hiring a professional painter is out of reach for them because of the cost. In contrast to long-term investments, the painter is viewed as a cost to be avoided.
  • The second reason is that some homeowners view painting their home as a fun activity that is accessible to everyone. They think of it as no different from what kids do with colors on canvas.

But this kind of thinking misses a vital point: choosing paint colors and applying them to the surface of a building is less than 25% of the process of painting a house. More than 75% of the process of painting a house takes place before you even pick up a brush to apply a coat of paint to the building’s surface.https://paintsutra.com/


Why winter is the best time to paint your exteriorWhy winter is the best time to paint your exterior

During this article, we will discuss the topic of painting house exteriors in different seasons and temperatures. Find out how much moisture is acceptable when applying paint or if winter is the most suitable time for exterior painting. We will also discuss tips on the best exterior wall paints and painting services.

Winter is an ideal time to paint a home’s exterior because the dry air and cooler temperatures help the paint to harden and coat the surface evenly. Manufacturers and experts recommend painting during the winter months to avoid any degradation in quality due to extreme sun or rainfall.

Best Season to Paint a House Exterior

The best time to paint your house’s exterior is during the warm months when there is less rain..

Painting in Summer

If you don’t want your painting to be ruined by the rain, it’s best to start in the early summer. This way, you’ll be finished before the cyclones or monsoon conditions occur at the end of summer..

Painting in Monsoon

Exterior paints should only be applied on dry surfaces. Amid heavy rainfall, you’ll hardly find any.

Painting in Autumn

Temperature fluctuations also play a key role, as paint doesn’t dry well when temperatures vary drastically. For that reason, early fall may also be a good time of year to paint.

Best Paints for Exterior Painting

Paint that is weather-proof is designed to last for years regardless of the weather conditions. A water-based 100% acrylic exterior emulsion is best suited for dry or moderately humid climates. This type of paint can endure harsh sunlight or rain better than other water-based paints. Walls painted with this type of paint can be washed without damaging the paint, and the paint is also scuff resistant..

Tips For Exterior Painting In Cold Weather

  • Check the weather temperature: It’s best to paint when it’s warm outside, preferably in the middle of the day when the sun is out. That way, the paint will bond to the cold walls more easily.
  • Avoid rain:The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always best to check the forecast before painting your walls.
  • Dew factor: Dewdrops all over the exterior walls make it wet overnight. This problem can be faced when painting early in the morning.

Important things to remember for exterior house painting

  • Keep the surface dry: Make sure to only paint on surfaces that are dry; if not, the paint won’t adhere well to the walls..
  • Avoid extreme sun: The sun can be a problem for exterior painting, as it can dry the paint more quickly than usual and make it difficult to cover the walls properly..
  • Avoid rain: wait four hours or more after it rains before applying paint Paint will not stand rain just after it has been applied so it must be given at least two hours to dry.