What Paint Is Safe for Babies?

You’re eager to paint a room with a baby in the residence, but how safe this is for your newly formed family-unit? Broadly speaking it can be, so long as you select non-suspect modern paints. That mean no silicates, radiations and aromas that vegetables off-gasses. Nevertheless, there might come into play hurtful matters so it’s advised to equip yourself with essential data on navigating such an operation prior to commencing it.

Are Paint Fumes Harmful to Babies?

If you choose a paint that’s considered baby-safe, fumes shouldn’t be a big problem in terms of severe or lasting health issues. However, your baby’s lungs aren’t as developed as yours, so there still could be side effects if they’re exposed to rooms where paint is still drying:

So, if you are painting a space for your baby, be sure to select a paint with low or no VOCs. Sherwin Williams, which is the primary paint used by Five Star Painting, has a wide range of paints that have low or zero VOCs.

How Long After Painting Is It Safe for a Baby to Be in the Room?

If you used modern, zero-VOC paint that’s safe for babies, the room should be baby-safe within a few hours. However, there’s always a chance that your baby might be more susceptible to some of the previously mentioned effects, so waiting 48 hours is a safer choice. This is especially important if your child will be sleeping in the room.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Freshly Painted Room?

Even though your baby or toddler can be in a room within a few hours of painting, sleeping is another matter. It’s not safe to let your baby sleep in a freshly painted room until a few days have passed. This is because paint fume exposure side effects, such as respiratory issues or nausea, aren’t easily detectable when a child is asleep.

Lead-Based Paint and Babies

If your home’s construction occurred before 1978, it is very possible that the residence contains lead-based paint. When it comes to babies in a home with this type of paint, taking precautions will be necessary. Despite the difficulty of eliminating lead-based paint altogether, it can be addressed through encapsulation–a method of coating over it with special paints and Expertise Hence, any actions taken in regard should always intentionst principles done by trained and experienced professionals.

Our Professionals Paint Safely

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